International Francophone Institute

Training Courses

1. IT and Computer Sciences: Basic and advanced Information Technology (IT) certificates: National certificates of basic and advanced IT application according to standards set by the Ministry of Information and Communication, issued in Circular 03 / 2014 / TT-BTTTT dated March 11, 2014.

2. New Technologies: Training and consulting on the application of new technologies for businesses, organizations and other interested parties. Training programs related to Digital Transformation in Business, Blockchain, IoT Applications in Business, Virtual Technology Director Services, Big Data, Data Analytics, Research Design & Data Analysis Quantitativeā€¦

3. Start-up Support: Training, consulting and supporting start-up and start-up innovation for organizations and other interested parties.  The program is aimed for training knowledge and entrepreneurship skills, advising and assisting in finding start-up partners and investments and supporting throughout the startup process...