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Call for Applications: Master in Digital and Editorial Communication (Promotion 2023-2024)

The Master Program in Information - Communication, specialized in Digital and Editorial Communication of the University of Toulon (France) and International Francophone Institute (Vietnam National University in Hanoi), aims to train managers/specialists in communication field based on technologies.


1. Benefit of the program

  • 50% of the academic program provided by the world-renowned  French teachers.
  • Application of digital technology in the information and communication sector, an important business sector with a great demand for human resources in Vietnam and also in other countries in the world.
  • Training program designed to European standards, the diploma issued by the University of Toulon and accepted  in France and around the world.
  • Study time compacted in just 14 months including the internship and the thesis  defense
  • 4-year bachelor, or 1st year Master (M1) European system or equivalent in economics, management, language studies and also in technical and technological sciences could apply this program 
  • Training program ranked 3rd in France in terms of the quality of the program.

2. Program:

Number of capitalized credits: 60 (ECTS from Europe) comprising 6 study units, 1 internship and thesis:

  • UE91- Mutations and sociotechnical approaches in Information and Communication
  • UE92- Digital production project 1
  • UE93- Digital environments/Nature issues and perspectives
  • UE94- Digital and editorial communication
  • UEO1- Digital production project 2
  • UEO2- Methodology Internship, dissertation

3. Type, duration and place of training:

Type of training: offline (evenings and weekends)  

Duration of training (internship included):

  • 14 months for candidates holding a DELF B2 or equivalent
  • 24 months for candidates who are not fluent in French  (French and English preparatory classes (A1-B2): learning French in 10 months )

Name of training: Master of Human and Social Sciences, mention Information and Communication, specialty Digital and Editorial Communication

Place of training: International Francophone Institute – Vietnam National University, Hanoi , Vietnam, 144 Xuân Thủy, Hà Nội

Master's degree issued by the University of Toulon (French Republic)

University of Toulon
University of Toulon


1. Tuition fees (2023-2024):

  • Candidates holding a DELF B2 or equivalent: 112,000,000 VNĐ/Non-French speaking candidates (learning French in 10 months): 159,000,000 VNĐ

2. Scholarships:

  • Accommodation scholarship (at VNU dormitory) value: 650.000 VND/student/month.
  • Living expenses scholarship value: 1.500.000 VND/student/month.


1. Number of students : 30 students/class/promotion; 01 promotion/year

2. Method of recruitment: Recruitment consists of examination of the file and interview

3. Recruitment schedule: Receipt of files and preliminary examination (at the latest) Avril 15, 2023. (Admission until criteria are met)

4. Application requirements:

4.1. Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree :

  • Holder of a university/engineering degree with a minimum study period of 4 years or a European Masters 1
  • Holders of a degree in journalism and communication do not need to take the prerequisite courses.
  • Holders of a diploma in other specialties, registrants must validate their following prerequisite courses at the IFI:


Module titles

Number of course hours


Theory of CIS (Information and Communication Sciences)



Organizational communication


​Detailed program

4.2. French level :

Candidates must meet  one of the certain  requirements:

a) At the beginning of Program:

  • Having the minimum level of French 4/6 according to the common Vietnamese framework of reference for foreign languages; level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) or equivalent level of the latter; Where
  • Have a bachelor’s degree, a master's degree and a doctorate from a foreign university whose language of instruction is French, which is recognized by the competent authorities in accordance with the regulations in force; Where
  • Have a bachelor's degree in French; 
  • As a citizen of the country where the official language is French.

b) For candidates who do not meet  language requirements, IFI will organize a foreign language training course to help candidates reach the prescribed level before starting the program.

4.3. Other requirements:

  • Having sufficient health to study;
  • Delivery of complete documents within a specified time./ Submit the application on time


  • Completed registration form pasted with a photo (this link)
  • University diploma and report card (French translation and certified copy);
  • Curriculum vitae and cover letter (in French);
  • Birth certificate (French translation and duly certified copy);
  • Health certificate issued by a hospital for less than 6 months;
  • Certificate of the level of French (the certified copy of the diploma);
  • Three (03) 3 × 4 photos (whose name, surname and date of birth are fully and clearly written on the back);
  • File fees: 1,050,000 VND/file
  • List of documents required for applying for the 2022 master's degree (Stuck on the front of the file envelope) (this link)
  • The baccalaureate diploma (French translation and certified copy)
  • Passport

Other files (if applicable):

  • Letters of recommendation (not required, but encourage candidates to submit for a chance to get points);
  • Certified copies or certified certifications of documents, certificates of expertise, research achievements or achievements in the cultural, artistic and sports world.


1. Recruitment Steps:

Step 1: Submission of file

  • For candidates outside Vietnam: Send the scanned version of the file to the following address:
  • For candidates in Vietnam: Direct submission of the file to the IFI (during working hours) or mailing.


Trung tâm Quản lý Đào tạo và Bồi dưỡng, Viện Quốc tế Pháp ngữ

Address: Phòng 207, tầng 2, nhà E5, số 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

Telephone: +84.24.3754.9505.

Hotline: +84.962764080

Original documents and application fees will be submitted and verified upon arrival in Vietnam

Step 2: Preliminary examination of the file, request for validation of the prerequisites (if necessary)

Step 3: Interview

2. Assessment criteria: Study ability; Language skills; Cognition, specialty prerequisites and knowledge close to specialty, objective, motivation, need for studies, communicative competence, understanding and expression of a problem on demand (through interview); evaluation and positive opinion in the letter of recommendation.

3. Admission criteria:

  • Complete file;
  • Pass the interview with the minimum score of 50/100 points;
  • Validate the prerequisite courses (for candidates graduating from disciplines not related to information and communication)


Trung tâm Quản lý Đào tạo và Bồi dưỡng, Viện Quốc tế Pháp ngữ

Address: Phòng 207, tầng 2, nhà E5, số 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

Telephone: +84.24.3754.9505.

Hotline: +84.962764080




Call for applications of University of Toulon


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